In Praise of Chiggers

In Praise of Chiggers

And the others
feasting unseen
upon you,
offering their
of digestive juices
and anticoagulants,
allergic reactions and
reddened mounds
made pleasurable
by your fingernails
scraping the skin
around them, over
and raw, again,
again, it feels
so good!


43 thoughts on “In Praise of Chiggers

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  2. It seems to be where in the country one lives to be on familiar terms with chiggers. Growing up in Illinois and having occasions where I ended up covered with them, I know what torture they can be. Then I moved to Indiana and have met many people who have never heard of them in their life!– Mind you, we live in rural Indiana, out in the country, so these are country folk, not city people. I do have to say, that I can understand their ignorance, since, for the nearly 20 years I have lived here in IN, I have never received another chigger bit– so they must be regional? Like your poem by the way! : )

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  3. I do yard work in Florida, and have faced the scourge of chiggers, mosquitos, ticks and deer flies. You’ve given me another way to look at their torment as in, we’re just exchanging body tissues in an ecological transaction….Still going to kill them when possible.

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  4. I would switch out chiggers and put in mosquitos. They have been a bane for me since childhood, feeding off the sanguine brew that is my blood and leaving me bumped up and itchy. My Poor daughter goes through the same; and even despite all that; I found this hilarious and identified with that sweet relief that my family calls, “The bad scratch.”

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  5. Only last week I had the chigger conversation with guests from out of town. The one where they’re from a place without chiggers and have never heard of them, and you’re trying to convince them that the little, impossible-to-see critters are real — not simply a joke you’re playing.

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