3 Poems in Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art

I’m delighted to have three poems appearing in Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art. Many thanks to editor Susan Lewis for taking these oddities.

To get a taste of what Posit is about, read the Editor’s Notes.

22 thoughts on “3 Poems in Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art

  1. Harmony on top of harmony; ‘Becoming; being;
    If I too begin glaring at my coworkers while diminishing today I’ll revisit these 3 works for a quick rebirth. Did you write them together or discover they matched while looking for pieces to submit? They certainly feel like a family. Well done Robert.

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    • Thank you! “Pleasure in Absence…” was written perhaps two years after the other two, as part of a separate series, but it seemed to fit well with the batch I submitted to Posit. “At Work…” and “That Number…” were written during an poetical exploration of numbers (among other things) I was interested in.

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  2. These are excellent pieces, Robert – and, perhaps unknowingly – That Number upon Which the Demand Lieth helped me understand why the number 3 had so much importance in the esoteric world. It was very unexpected, but a nice little surprise nonetheless.

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  3. Congratulations on placing these absolute gems, Sir Robert! They speak to my inner (a. k. a. dormant) philosopher, which I always appreciate. 😊

    “That number…” made me think of my son at a very early age, well before two, when he was just barely formulating his first sentences. Whenever he would count, he would say, “One, two…” and if there were more than two objects, he would just exclaim, “All the two of them!” (This was my favorite part about blowing bubbles for him!) Little did I know he was tapping into the ancient wisdom of the universal consciousness…

    Similarly, last week, Matthew (now age 19!) opted to put his belongings on the floor at the gym instead of inside a designated cubby, and when I asked him why he didn’t put his things away, he explained, “I don’t like how hard it is to see inside the cubby. The floor is better, because it’s open on five sides.” Pleasure in absence, indeed!

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