Another Review of My Forthcoming Chapbook

Jaffa Kintigh has posted a review of From Every Moment a Second on his blog and Goodreads.




Order through Finishing Line Press.





Please note:  prepublication sales determine the print run, which means this stage is crucial in terms of how many copies will be printed and the number of copies I’ll receive as payment. So if you feel inclined and are able to help me in this commercial endeavor, please purchase your copy during this period, which runs through August 11. The book’s tentative release date is October 6.




Talking with a Poet: Part 3, on Brigit’s Flame


Talking with a Poet: Part 3, on Brigit’s Flame

Wherein you’ll find a review of my chapbook, If Your Matter Could Reform, and an invitation to comment, ask questions or share insights on poetry.