Poetry: Motherhood & Myth in THIS BEING DONE by Stephanie L. Harper

Read Lily Blackburn’s insightful review of Stephanie L. Harper’s This Being Done.

Lily Blackburn

This Being Done by Stephanie L. Harper

What happens when we read time into everything? History, mythology, the aging of the earth, all in the span of a glimpse, a moment? In This Being Done, time echoes ancient. Thematically, I wondered if ideas for many of these poems were inspired by “How to Take An Amazing Photo of A Solar Eclipse,” being a witness to growth as a parent whose child is diagnosed with autism: “Trust in his gift of seeing every moment in terms of geological time—/ of constantly holding the cycles of mountains/ rising up and eroding away in his mind’s eye… ” From elegy to epitaph, the threads that weave this book together are perspectives on motherhood and femininity seen through both a modern and mythologic lens; in place of sentiment or a conclusion we are given a raging dragon. Harper places the reader in a space…

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Fifty-Word Review: Forth a Raven, by Christina Davis

(Originally appeared in December 2013)

Christina Davis’s Forth a Raven offers stark, textured, intelligent and lyrical pieces in a stripped-down yet ultimately complex, reflective language. Encompassing the tension of different realms – the spiritual and the secular, the extraordinary and the mundane, her work, quite simply, astounds. Read this book. Seek out her work. It’s sublime.


Another Review of My Chapbook, IF YOUR MATTER COULD REFORM, and the print version has been released.


Another review of If Your Matter Could Reform is up on GoodReads, as well as on the reviewer’s blog:



And of course the print version has now been released:


With shipping, to U.S. addresses, the total should be $6.00. The shipping to international addresses will, I’d imagine, vary.



Leigh Ward-Smith has been kind enough to post a review of my chapbook on her site, Leigh’s Wordsmithery: https://leighswordsmithery.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/poetry-review-robert-okaji-if-your-matter-could-reform/